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During your well-being stay in the Romarins lodges and guest rooms, treat yourself to moments of peace and well-being. We offer ten massages that adapt to your expectations. On request, we offer a fitness package consisting of several massages. To find out more, we invite you to contact us.

Type Time Rate
Abhyanga: Full body massage with hot oils 60mn or 90mn 70 € or 100 €
Sirodhara: Oil flow on the forehead, preceded by a head massage 75mn 90 €
Udvartana: Ayurvedic powder massage 60mn 70 €
Kativasti: Applying hot oils to the lower back 30mn € 35
Greevavasti: Applying hot oils to the lower back 30mn € 35
Potra Pinda Svetra: Massage aux pochons 60mn 70 €
Pizhichil: Application of warm oil all over the body by two practitioners 60mn 90 €
Kansu bowl massage: Foot massage 45mn 50 €
Reiki: Energy rebalancing 50mn 50 €
Native American Plantar Reflexology 60 mins 50 €