Gites and Guest room in Provence - Cairanne

Abhyanga : Whole body massage with warm or hot oil, harmonise three Doshas. It regulates the nervous system, boosts blood and lymphatic circulation, and reduces muscle pain.

Sirodhara : Siro means head and Dhara means continuous flow of liquid. Sirodhara consists of pouring hot oil into a regular flow on the forehead. Ideal for headaches, insomnia, it relieves anxiety and intellectual overexertion.

Udvartana : Also known as powdered massage, udvartana cleans the skin deeply, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, helping to eliminate body fat.

Kativasti : In this process, warm oil is applied to the base of the back in a reservoir made from chickpea paste. Beneficial for lower back pain.

Greevavasti : Like Kativasti, hot oil is applied to the neck to relieve tension.

Potra Pinda Svetra : Buffering the entire body with moslin tops containing plants and spices.