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The  origin  of  Ayurveda  dated  between  4 000 and  6 000 years before Jesus-Christ, it's the oldest medical science know in the world. In sanskrit, Ayus means "Life3 and Veda "Knowledge or science" the meaning of the word Ayurveda is "The Science of the Life".

The Veda knowledge advise to live in harmony and in agreement with nature. We have to reach and keep and have a balance between our body and your mental in connection with the environment. To live according to these natural princoples strengthens our physical health and your mental peace.                                  According the principles of Ayurveda, in each of us, five elements are present ( earth, fire, air, water and space ) Those are transformed into biological elements grouped in the form of energies which compose Doshas. Three Doshas make up our natural constitution "Vata" "Pitta" and "Kapha". One of them is dominant in every human being. Practice of Ayurveda aim to maintain the initial balance of our three Doshas.